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Joy Choir 50th Anniversary Concert

Place: Carelia-sali

Saturday 18.5.2019

Time: 16 – 18


Ever since its founding in 1969 has University of Eastern Finland Choir, the Choir of UEF (before the Joensuu University Choir) been a second home to many singing university students. Nowadays the choir consists of about 70 singers, with each faculty of the University of Eastern Finland represented. We perform regularly in university events and organize our own concerts in Joensuu and the county – and hey, over the years we’ve also done our share of travelling the land and the globe spreading the joy of music, yes sirree!

During its four decades the choir has sung shanties on a broad scale, ranging ever from the more traditional choir songs and folk songs to a bit more crunch-packing rock and heavy metal anthems. Whatever the genre, the essential thing has always been the communal spirit and the great atmosphere created together by all of the singers.

Choir Director Mari-Annika Heikkilä

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Anna-Maria Niloni

Board chair
Phone +359 40 0253418

Mari-Annika Heikkilä

Choir Director
Phone +358 40 7502287

Julia Häkkinen

Treasurer & Bills
Phone +358 40 7743885