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It's time for auditions again!

The choir is arranging auditions at the university as usual but because of the corona situation it is possible to participate through a video call so we can guarantee a safe event for everyone. There is especially need for male voices in order to balance all the voice groups.

Date and time Tuesday 26th of January 2021 at 2-4 PM GMT+2

Place University of Eastern Finland, auditorium AT100 (Agora) (or through a video call)

Sign up for the auditions here

In case you are not able to come to the university or you wish to audition on a different date and time, you can contact choir director Mari-Annika Heikkilä via email at (or +35840 7502287) to agree on a different date and time for your audition, and how you wish to audition.

Welcome to the auditions! :)