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Coronavirus info [updated 14.3.2020]

The choir board has held a meeting and discussed the situation with coronavirus. The situation affects the choir’s operations this spring.

The decisions made by the choir board are based on guidelines provided by the Finnish government, the Finnish institute for Health and Welfare and the UEF. The Finnish government has recommended that all non-vital free time activities including multiple people should be avoided. In addition, the UEF has informed us today that most meetings of more than 10 people have been cancelled. As the representative choir of the university, we want to respect these guidelines.

We have decided to cancel choir rehearsals at least until the end of March. In addition we have cancelled other happenings. The spring concert is also cancelled.

The choir board wants to emphasize that these decisions are not panicked and we think there is no need for panic right now. These kinds of restrictions are in order to protect those at risk of serious illness or death due to the virus. We want to make responsible decisions and take into account the health of choir members and their families.

Even if many events are cancelled, we want to keep the choir’s operations going during this spring.

We are following updates and orders by Finnish and international officials and we are prepared to make new decisions based on updated information.